Steps: How Do I Get Started?

Early Intervention Services

1.) Referral

Anyone can refer a child to ECI as soon as there is a concern about a developmental delay. A referral source, such as your doctor, is required by law to call ECI as soon as possible if a delay is suspected.

2.) Intake/Screening

This is required to happen within 45 days of the referral.

3.) Evaluation/Assessment

This is required to happen within 45 days of the referral.

Next Steps: ECI Services

4.) Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) Meeting

This is required to happen within 45 days of referral.

5.) Delivery of Services

Services will start within 28 days of IFSP meeting.

6.) 6 Month Review of Plan             12 Month Review of Plan

7.) Need for Change in Services or Re-Evaluation/Assessment

8.) On-Going Delivery of Services

Future Steps: Leaving ECI

9.) Transition/Discharge

Your child will leave ECI by his/her 3rd birthday, or when your child is developing appropriately for his or her age and is no longer needs ECI services. Planning for transition begins after age 2.


Referrals for the First STEPS program primarily come through Child Protective Services, but can be made by anyone interested in the program .  They must fit the following criteria:

  • At least one child under the age of 5
  • CPS case under investigation or open
  • Child(ren) must reside with person under investigation or listed in the case
  • Must have Medicaid or low income (200% of the poverty level or below)
  • Reside in Collin or Rockwall County

Please call us at (972) 562-0331 with your questions and to make a referral.  We are here to help you and your family.