Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) helps babies and toddlers, ages birth to 3, with disabilities or delays in their development. ECI supports families through education and family services to help their children reach their potential.

Families and staff work as a team to develop a plan outlining services for the child and family. Most services are provided in the home or community to help children learn the basic skills that are a part of their family’s daily routines.

Services for children could include:

  • screenings and assessments, including hearing and vision
  • specialized skills training
  • physical, occupational, speech and language therapy
  • activities to develop learning and eating skills
  • activities to help social and emotional development
  • assistive technology
  • moving on to school or other services as needed at age 3 or when graduating from the program
  • nutritional services
  • supporting child care or preschool teachers of enrolled children

Services for families could include:

  • education and counseling
  • coordination of needed social and health services
  • access to support groups


First STEPS is a program designed to provide success through education, prevention, and support to families who have an open Child Protective Services case where abuse or neglect is being investigated.  First STEPS serves families in Collin and Rockwall County. We provide home based -services to parents and their children under the age of 5.  Services include:

  • Parent Education using several evidence-based parenting curriculums that are chosen based on family need
  • Case Management to help families get connected to resources and become familiar with utilizing their community to meet their needs
  • Counseling to work on attachment, bonding, behaviors, past history of abuse/neglect, relationships, and any need that affects parenting
  • Speech Therapy as this is a common delay among children
  • Nutritional Services to help families understand the importance of good nutrition and healthy eating habits