LifePath Systems provides critically needed assistance to the intellectually disabled, mental illness treatment and early childhood intervention for developmentally delayed infants and their families.

The agency was created as the Collin County Mental Health and Mental Retardation Center in 1986. The Collin County Commissioners Court established the center in response to recommendations from a blue ribbon task force on residents’ unmet needs for mental health and mental retardation care. The Center’s Board of Trustees adopted the LifePath Systems dba (doing business as) in 1999 to reduce the stigma associated with seeking mental health care or public assistance.

LifePath’s services and staff have grown dramatically since its beginning. The growth of the surrounding populations have, however, grown even faster. State/federal funding has not increased at a similar rate, leaving challenges for the center and families who have unmet needs. Collin County had a population of approximately 245,000 in 1986. Today the county’s population totals approximately three times that number and it is expected that Collin County will easily reach one million residents within the next few years.