For Employers:


LifePath Systems is a nonprofit company that assists your company with their employment needs by focusing on the strengths and skills of individuals with disabilities seeking employment.

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Hiring individuals with disabilities just makes good business sense! A national study found that 92% of the respondents felt more favorable toward companies that hire individuals with disabilities and 87% said that they would prefer to give their business to such companies.

Benefits to your company:

  • A pre-screened and skilled candidate looking for long term employment.
  • Tailored job coaching and support to ensure the highest quality performance possible.
  • Assistance with applying for a tax savings through the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, a possible savings of up to $2,400 based on the employee’s wages the first year of employment.
  • A long term relationship with LifePath Systems for any future training or for your future hiring needs.
    • LifePath Systems has been supporting people in Collin County for 25 years and our Supported Employment program has been assisting individuals with disabilities in securing and sustaining employment for 15 years.

How we partner with you:

  • We meet with you to learn your employment needs.
  • We identify potential employees.
  • We assist the candidate through your interview and training process.
  • We tailor support needs to your company and the employee’s needs.
  • We develop and maintain a long term relationship with your company for any re-training needed or to help fill your future employment needs.

Employer Comments about Supported Employment:

“Rockwell started a program through your organization (LifePath Systems) to gather cardboard, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans from the office and work recycling.  LifePath Systems has been providing these services for Rockwell for about ten years.  This program does a great job of gathering the recyclables from the work areas, breaking the boxes and compacting it all.  It is a value added program in that their efforts make it easy for our people to recycle and we do not have to take time away from our Facilities’ employees to make the recycling program work.  Due in large part to the program’s efforts in 2010 we were able to divert a little over 30 tons of cardboard, cans and plastic bottle from the landfill.  This represents a direct savings in landfill costs and we are able to reduce our environmental footprint.  We look forward to continuing the relationship with your program and “our team”.

Michael Kertis, Sr. Facilities Engineer, E.S & H.

“During Ian’s employment, LifePath Systems staff came in frequently to evaluate and coach him as needed to insure he was successful with our department as he certainly was.  We had no concern regarding liability issues and considered Ian as no more of a liability than any of our other staff.  We highly recommend LifePath Systems and continue to be open for employing any staff they determine, along with our management team, can meet our requirements.”

Richard Murdock, Director Environmental Services, Texas Presbyterian Hospital, Plano


Please contact Peggy Schmidt with any questions about becoming a LifePath Systems participating employer!, or  (972) 727-9133, ex. 5602 


For Employees:  The Supported Employment Placement Process

Meaningful employment is an important part of each person’s life. Our Supported Employment program helps you find employment in your community by matching your skills, strengths, interests, with a job.

The first step is to be a client of DARS (Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services) and then tell your counselor that you are interested in working with LifePath Systems Supported Employment.  Your counselor will send us your information and we’ll schedule a meeting to get started!

Our process is broken down into 4 main steps:

  • Discovery

    • Our Employment Specialist will spend time getting to know you and help identify your skills, preference and work interests.  If you prefer we can arrange for assessments where you are able to try out different types for a short time.
  • Job Development

    • Our Employment Specialist will work with companies in your community that have hiring needs that match what you are looking for.  We will assist you through their application and interview process.
  • Job Coaching

    • Congratulations, you’re employed!  Our Employment Specialist will assist you with learning your new job.  You will follow the company’s regular new employee training; we are just there as you need us.
  • Continued support services

    • Our Employment Specialist will maintain a relationship with you and your manager in case you need something.  This may take the form of personal drop ins during your shift or it may be just a phone call.
    • We offer training site internships at local companies such as Marshalls and Walgreens.  If you are selected to these training programs you will be employed by LifePath Systems while working at the above companies.  You will gain valuable experience with the goal of being recommended for hire at one of their stores.
    • During the summers we offer High School students an opportunity to gain work experience through paid internships.  If you are selected for this program you will be employed by LifePath Systems for 8 weeks during the summer.  The goal of these internships is to gain the work experience, and while you will not be hired at the company you worked at, LifePath Systems will assist you in finding paid employment.


Please contact  Peggy Schmidt with any questions about becoming a LifePath Systems employee!, or  (972) 727-9133, ex. 5602