Mailing address: 1515 Heritage, Suite 105

McKinney, Texas 75069


J. Randy Routon, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
972-562-0190, ext. 6101
Jennifer Day
Human Resources Director
972-562-0190, ext. 6109
Fern Gimenez, MSSW
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Director
972-727-9133, ext. 2107
fgimenez@nulllifepathsystems.orgKarla A. Goss
Chief Financial Officer
972-562-0190 x6183

Diana Terry
Early Childhood Services Director
972-562-0331 ext.4126

Diane Kazlow, LBSW
Director of Special Projects
972-562-0190, ext. 6209
Tammy Mahan, MA, LPC-S
Behavioral Health Service Director
972-422-5939 ,ext.1240
Barbara Inch-Paeth
Executive Assistant
972-562-0190, ext. 6102
Shama Shams, MA
Development Director
972-562-0190, ext. 6210
Rik Lindahl, MBA
Director, Compliance, Planning and Quality Assurance
972-562-0190, ext. 6112